The Inaugural Weekly Dose of Hydration

Hi GO Active Family!


Members of the GO Active Family have been asking for more advice on how they can better hydrate their body, mind, and spirit. As our mission statement promises, our goal is to be more than a company that provides high quality water bottles, we want to be the catalyst to move you to do more, be more, and live more.


This newsletter serves as a way to provide you with tips, tricks, and motivation to hydrate your body, mind, and spirit.


So, without further adieu, we present the first ever dose of full body hydration!


Hydrate Your Body:

Hydration of body is all about the means to make sure the physical body is taken care of through nutrition and fitness and learning how to challenge what you’re capable of.

While scrolling through all of our social media feeds, we have noticed that many of the GO Active Family members that we see are experimenting with the keto diet. In the office, we have actually experimented with keto as well.

Our Founder, has been able to lose 65 pounds on the diet and one of our warehouse staff has also lost 15 pounds since he started it! Now, both of them mentioned that they loved doing keto, but they sure did miss getting their fix of a nice slice of pizza.

This was so similar to what we were seeing on social media, so we took it upon ourselves to find THE BEST keto recipe for pizza for all to try!


Click here for the full recipe ---> Keto Pizza

Click here for the how-to video ---> Keto Pizza Video



Hydrate Your Mind:

Hydration of mind means to be in a growth mindset and learning new ways to grow through podcasts, books, motivational quotes, and inspirational ideas to ponder.


Last Thursday we shared this quote on our Instagram and Facebook pages because it truly made us stop and think,” Wow, she hit the nail on the head with this.” There are so many ways that this quote calls us all out in the daily lives that we live.

Losing Weight? - Will this *enter unhealthy food/drink* support me in reaching my fitness    goals?

Improving Character? - Will this *enter song title/tv show/movie* helping my character become more virtuous?

Better in Business/Finances? - Who is in my closest circle of friends helping me achieve my goals?

Always be in control of what you are allowing into your life that will shape its outcome!



Hydrate Your Spirit:



Hydrating the spirit is making sure that life is full of joy and an abundance of smiles!


Recently, we were having a rough day at the office, you know, one of those days that feels like it will never end. To save the day, one of our Customer Support Specialists pulled up the cutest video that made everyone’s face in the room brighten up.

Need a dose of cuteness overload? Take a second to watch this little doggo do some zoomies with his sheep friends! It’s sure to give you a grin from ear to ear!



What's Happening This Week:

Happy National Pi Day!! No, not that delicious slice of goodness that we enjoy at Thanksgiving and Christmas around the table with our families.

Today is March 14th, or 3/14, which are the first three digits that represent the mathematical constant of pi (π).

Now, we get it, this is a holiday probably reserved for us mathletes in the group, but for those that love arts and crafts, we found a Pi Day article full of fun activities to do to celebrate the day!!

Click here for the arts and crafts ---> Pi Day Craft Day



In Case You Missed It:


Did you see our blog post “These Are The 5 Reasons Science Says Water Helps You Lose Weight”? It’s a great article for those trying to find the ‘why’ behind drinking water besides the same old,” Well, because you just should.”


To read the blog click here ---> These Are The 5 Reasons Science Says Water Helps You Lose Weight

Keep crushing your goals GO Active Family!


Until next week,

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