The 5 Best Keto-Friendly Treats That Are Sure To Curb Your Sweet Tooth

All day long we receive emails, direct messages on social media, and even the occasional hand-written letter asking us,” What are the best keto-friendly treats that will curb any sweet tooth?”.

We heard the cries for help and put the best researchers in the office to the task of finding 5 keto-friendly treats creating the loudest buzz in the keto community!

This is what they found!

  1. Smart Sweets Candies

One of the most popular low-carb candies out right now are from a brand called Smart Sweets. They make delicious gummy candies that have the same great taste of popular treats like Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, and Gummy Bears.

Besides the great taste, do you want to know the best part?

While the other brands pack in 24g of sugar and 175 calories per package, the Smart Sweets option comes in at only 3g of sugar and 90 calories!!!

Now that is some no guilt indulgence right there!

They even have 4 flavors to choose from are: Fruity Gummy Bears, Sour Gummy Bears, Sweet Fish, and Sour Blast Buddies.



  1. ChocZero Keto Bark

We started to hear the buzz circulating around ChocZero Keto Bark from social media, and when we started to dig in to research, we were greeted with an enormous amount of comments describing an encounter with this tasty treat as “Superb”, “Unlike any sugar-free candy I’ve ever had”, “Blown Away. SO GOOD”, and our personal favorite “Just take my money already”.

I’m sure you’re thinking that everyone knows chocolate is one of the best, if not the best, sweet treat that money can buy, so what really makes this one any different?

There is actually a few reasons:

  • There are no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.
  • 100% Sugar Free
  • Dairy Free, Soy Free, and Gluten Free

They don’t just have the original milk chocolate either, ChocZero has found a way to make their keto bark in 10 different flavors along with 14 flavors of sugar free syrup!



  1. Fat Snax Cookies

You can’t have an article about tasty treats without mentioning the classic chocolate chip cookie! It didn’t take long until we found cookie brand that is known as Fat Snax, but to many low-carb lovers across the country it’s known as, “The World’s Best Keto & Low-Carb Cookies”.

Between us, these cookies are just like the ones Grandma made except without all of the carbs, sugar, and fat (Seriously, please don’t tell her our grandmas that we said that!!).

These delicious and soft cookies weigh in at only 1-2g Net Carbs, 8g of Fat, and 0g of Sugar!

They have a variety of 4 flavors: Chocolate Chip, Lemony Lemon, Peanut Butter, and brand new Double Chocolate Chip.

If cookies are always the Achilles heel to you diet attempts, then you have got to give these cookies a try! It could be the missing link you need to crush your goals!!

  1. Atkins Cookies and Créme Bar

We are suckers for a good protein bar because let's face it, most of them are chalky and flavorless.

Thankfully, years and years of choking down dry protein bars has lead us to discovering protein bar bliss: The Atkins Cookies and Créme Bar.

This bar is perfect to act as a meal replacement, a great keto snack on the go, or for a protein boost after the gym. 

Protein bars can be hit or miss as many are packed with sugar and synthesized fillers that would eliminate them from keto or any other weight loss diet.

In order to qualify for our test a protein bar must meet certain criteria. It must taste good, be over 10g of protein, low in carbs, and no to very low in sugar.

Let’s see how the Atkins Bar stacks up:

  • Absolutely Delicious
  • 14g of Protein
  • 4g of Net Carbs
  • 1g of Sugar

It meets all critical points and far surpasses the other bars we tested! If you have been looking for something similar to add to your routine, then look no further!

  1. The Keto Box

Finally, if none of the above has satisfied your sweet tooth, then we have one last solution: The Keto Box.

The Keto Box is a monthly subscription, much like a gym membership or Netflix account. For only about $1.00 a day, you will receive a box FULL of keto goodies. Ranging from treats, to fiber rich snacks, and even powdered drink mixes, you’re bound to find the “spirit-snack” that your heart truly desires.

With the subscription, not only do you get to try a variety of yummy treats, but you also will receive a FREE 28 Day Meal Plan along with exclusive monthly coupons!  Check them out and sign up HERE , you can thank us later! 😊

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