Save Critically Endangered Orca Whales in 3 Minutes Right Now!

A crucial deadline is approaching for three Washington State bills, aimed at helping protect and support the critically endangered southern resident orca whales that live in the waters off the Pacific Northwest coasts of the US and Canada.

Below are links that will allow Washington State residents to send a message to the legislative body responsible for making these crucial decisions, and will let them know how you would like them to vote on this issue.


It will take just about three minutes to fill out the form, but your voice will be heard for generations to come.

House Bill 1579:

This bill addresses the fact that the orca whales are slowly and painfully starving to death, and in our humble opinion will have the greatest immediate impact.

This bill aims to boost the salmon population by allowing state Department of Fish and Wildlife to halt hydraulic projects that could harm fish, increasing the penalties for violating the hydraulic code, authorizing fishing licenses for smelt, and liberalizing catch limits for other types of fish like bass and channel catfish.

Let your voice be heard on this issue HERE

Senate Bill 5577:

Boats helps protect the orcas as they swim, play, and mothers teach and train their young by increasing the distance vessels must allow these whales. If passed vessels must stay at least 300 yards away from orcas instead of 200 yards under current law.

It would also add a prohibition on being positioned within 400 yards behind an orca and add a speed limit of 7 knots when within half a nautical mile of an orca. 

To help reduce and avoid accidents between tourist boats and orca whales click HERE to let your local government know that you support this measure.

House Bill 1578

Finally, this bill would require tug boat escorts for certain barges that haven’t required escorts in the past, because they’re smaller and have been considered less of a threat.

Advocates of the bill say additional escorts would serve as a backup safety measure to prevent potential oil spills.  Click HERE to help protect the Orca, and thousands of other species from destruction caused by an accidental oil spill.

Thank you so much for your help and joining together to let our voices be heard.  Together we can do this! #jointhepod

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