Rare Sighting: Video of L-Pod Orca Whales in Monterey California

The lack of salmon in the waters off the coast of the pacific northwest has caused resident orca whales to explore new and more exotic waters to find suitable hunting grounds. 

It was a pleasant surprise this week when whale researchers and enthusiasts in central California noticed the orca's of L-pod coming to feed in the water off of Monterey.  

Marine biologist Nancy Black with Monterey Bay Whale Watch says this is the first time they've been seen this far south since 2011. 

One of the most encouraging parts of this sighting was the chance for researchers to record the health and growth of ‘Lucky’ the newest member of the southern resident orca whales, born in 2015. 

According to eyewitnesses the calf looked strong and healthy as it frolicked in the water with its mother.  This eases months of uncertainty as the calf, and the pod, had not been sighted since January, when it was spotted 1,000 miles north.  Boy, they sure do travel far and fast!


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