Hydrating Foods, An Energizing Book, And Gratefulness To Hydrate Your Body, Mind, And Spirit

Hi GO Active Family,

Hydrate Your Body:

Hydration of body is all about the means to make sure the physical body is taken care of through nutrition and fitness and learning how to challenge what you’re capable of.

Hitting your daily hydration levels can mean taking in a lot of water, and to some this day in and day out water-fest can be boring and tiresome.  If that sounds like you then we have your back! We compiled a list of the top 5 hydrating foods that you can eat that are healthy, delicious, and full of water that will keep you feeling fresh and hydrated!

---> Top 5 Hydrating Foods (#2 surprised all of us!)

Hydrate Your Mind:

Hydration of mind means to be in a growth mindset and learning new ways to grow through podcasts, books, motivational quotes, and inspirational ideas to ponder.

Everyone goes through challenges, and no one goes through life untested by hardship. Recently we have been talking a lot in the GO Active office about how we get through hard times.  One book keeps coming up as having had a major impact on us, Jon Gordon’s book The Energy Bus. We have been using many of these around the office and the results are phenomenal so if you are in a funk, or just want a fun, insightful, high-energy read give this book a try.

Check it out on Amazon ---> The Energy Bus  or the Kids version Energy Bus for Kids

Hydrate Your Spirit:

Hydrating the spirit is making sure that life is full of joy and an abundance of smiles!

Do you know a quick and easy way to hydrate your spirit? Gratitude.  It is impossible for someone who is grateful for the life they live, the air they breathe, and the moments we get to experience and share to be downtrodden.  This week we want to invite the GO Active Family to join our challenge. Before you go to bed every night, write down 3 things that you are grateful for from that day and leave it on your nightstand or bathroom mirror. When you wake up and see that list your first thought of the day will be based on gratitude for things that you love that we too often take for granted.

Post a picture of your list on your social media post and let us know what you are grateful for and how this challenge is working for you!  We would love to hear from you so don’t forget to tag us!

Company News:

HUGE news!  We have teamed up with the David Suzuki Foundation! Proceeds from all sales of our new bottle collection will be donated to the foundation’s fight to save the dwindling orca whale populations! We are incredibly excited to announce this partnership and can’t wait to have the GO Active Family support! Check out the bottles that support this amazing cause HERE

GO Active Family Shoutout:

A few months ago we made a friend on Instagram due to her positivity and unmatched sense of humor. If you feel stuck in your fitness, we highly recommend checking out @holycrapimfat on Instagram and YouTube to get a dose of how to not take yourself so serious all of the time and to interact with someone on social media that is REAL with their struggles and journey! Trust us, she is the best!

That is it for this week, connect with us on Social Media if you have any thoughts, challenges, or need a boost to your week. We care about you and are here for you!

Your Friends,

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