7 Things Mentally Strong Women Refuse To Do

Society puts a lot of pressure on women to engage in unhealthy habits, but these “treats”, “cheats”, and “misleading tweets” will drain you of the mental strength you need to be your best.

Mental muscles are built the exact same way that beach-ready-biceps are built: exercise.

While good habits (like lifting weights) will help you grow stronger, new research shows that giving up bad habits (like eating too much junk food) is more important when trying to build mental, physical, and spiritual strength.

While the exercises that build mental muscles are generally the same for men and women, gender plays a larger role when it comes to the bad habits that hold you back from reaching your greatest potential.

Recognizing your unique unhealthy habits is the first and most important step in creating positive change.  Here are 10 things mentally strong women don’t do.



1. They Do Not Compare Themselves to Others

Whether you are scrolling endlessly through Instagram photos of celebrity vacations, your high school nemesis looked way to happy at her wedding on Facebook, or your friend is going on about her cushy new promotion, finding a way to stop comparing yourself with others is hard to avoid in this day in age.

Begin to view your time on social media with skepticism and realize that every second you spend looking at someone else is a second less you are focused on your goals.

Remember that famous Mark Twain quote: “comparison is the death of joy.”



2. They Do Not Insist on Perfection

Perfectionism is a direction, not a destination.

By telling yourself perfection is attainable, you are actually raising your stress levels to the point that your performance will actually become impaired.

Setting high goals and expectations for yourself is healthy, but telling yourself that it is perfection or bust, will leave you burned out and feeling bitter.



3. They Do Not See Vulnerability as a Weakness

Bringing your game face, carrying yourself in a stoic manner, and maintaining unwavering focus all have their place and serve a purpose.

So does asking for help, acknowledging blind spots, and admitting (and being at peace with) not having all the answers are not signs of weakness.

In fact, relatability and likability scores go through the roof when you confidently show your vulnerabilities.



4. They Do Not Put Others Down (and hearing of peers troubles doesn’t lift them up)

It may be tempting, and even in vogue in some circles, to try and elevate your own status by pointing out someone else’s flaws.

However, genuine cheerleaders are the ones who really succeed in life. Be known as the woman that finds more joy in the success of others than in your own accomplishments.

Remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others what you want done unto you.

It's never fun when someone rains on your parade, so be that other person's umbrella and shield them from what will bring down their joy!



5. They Do Not Overthink Everything

Rehashing things over and over in your mind and spending time solving problems that may one day come (but most never do) is both a waste of precious brain power and the increase in stress lowers your ability to make good decisions.

Instead, learning to break down problems into solutions and then even further into small steps you can take right now to fix them is both empowering and uplifting.



6. They Do Not Let Self-Doubt Stop Them

    Our brains are not wired for high achieving goals.

    Fight or flight mentality will win out every time if we do not carefully audit our thoughts. Your brain will try to convince you that you’re not good enough, capable enough, or smart enough.

    This is so common it even has a name, imposter syndrome. Learn to not believe everything you think, science shows your brain will consistently underestimate you.



    7. They Do Not Fear Owning Their Success

      Too often women are afraid of looking arrogant or too ambitious.

      Even when complimented, they're likely to pass the credit onto someone else or give an immediate compliment back. Practice giving a simple "Thank you," and own your achievements.

      Build Your Mental Muscle

      Fortunately, everyone has the ability to build more mental muscle by changing the way they think, feel, and behave. The best way to grow mentally stronger is to work smarter--not just harder--by giving up the unhealthy habits that are holding you back.

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