4 Hacks To Stay Hydrated This Summer

I get so tired of endlessly searching on the internet for ways to stay hydrated without being told “just drink more water”. Yeah, I know I need to drink water, but sometimes water can just be so… blah. I wanted answers that had a little more flare behind them than a one size fits all “solution”.

So, I rolled up my sleeves, hopped onto my computer, and started digging like Sherlock Holmes to find the answers I needed.

These are the top 4 hacks that you can start implementing today that will make sure that you stay hydrated during the blazing hot summer.

4. Got Milk?

You might be thinking,” Milk? Really? That’s what you’re starting this with?”.

I sure am, and it’s for reasons that will definitely take you by surprise.

So, I came across a study that was conducted by British scientists that not only found that milk is highly effective in helping a person hydrate, but that it actually has a higher hydration index than water!

How can this be?

Milk contains sodium and potassium, which helps the liquid fully absorb into the body.

This is why, if you’ve ever ran in any type of race, you may have been offered to chug a big bottle of milk at the finish line instead of water!

Now, while I do love milk, I really don’t see myself wanting to drink it more than a time or two a day, so I came up with a routine that you can implement too!

Pro Hack:

  • Drink a glass of milk in the morning.
  • Drink a glass of milk before bed.

3. Let’s Get Salty

I never knew this, but adding a little bit of extra salt into your diet is a HUGE hack for getting hydrated as well as staying hydrated.

This is why hospitals use a saline solution when treating a patient suffering from dehydration. The solution adds water, salt, and sugar into the body in order to maintain the body's proper balance of electrolytes in the blood.

Salt also will help your body store and retain a little bit of extra water that it can pull from when it starts to get low on its hydration levels.

Now when adding salt into your diet, you don’t want to over do it, and you want to make sure you do it with healthy food choices that will benefit your body.

Pro Hack:

    Start introducing more celery, whole-grain bread, and broth-based soups that will not only give you a healthy increase in salt, but will also deliver many additional nutrients in order to achieve total body health!

2. You Are What You Eat!

Gosh, I use to despise that old cliché when I was growing up. It wasn’t until now, did I understand what it truly meant and why it’s so important.

If hydration is something I’m trying to achieve, then I need to eat food that is hydrated. Simple.

I have spent many years eating dehydrated, processed foods and guess what? I always feel the effects of dehydration.

After researching the top hydrating foods that nutritionists recommend, I learned that watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, and broccoli are comprised of 92%, 92%, 90%, and 91% of water respectively.

Pro Hack:

    Instead of reaching for a bag of chips or a granola bar for your midday snack, grab a slice of watermelon or a juicy strawberry. Not only will it curb any hunger you might have, but it will also help rehydrate your body!

1. Drinking Less Is More?

Sometimes you just have to love that it’s 2019 and that humans can figure out how to do some pretty amazing stuff.

The folks over at Liquid I.V. found out that if they made a water additive that used a very specific ratio of sodium, potassium, glucose, and water then they would be able to rapidly deliver water and nutrients to your bloodstream allowing you to hydrate faster and more efficiently than by just drinking water alone.

By using just 1 packet of Liquid I.V. in your water, you will receive the effects of drinking 2-3 bottles of water!

Not only does this water additive supercharge your water, it also tastes good too! It is made in 3 delicious flavors: Lemon Lime, Açaí Berry, and Passion Fruit.

Pro Hack:

    Get yourself some Liquid I.V. and get more out of your water intake than the bare minimum!

Bonus: Always Have A Hydration Buddy

Even with all of the amazing hacks that I found, the one constant was still to just drink more water. But, is there a hack to actually drink more water and make sure that I’m hydrated?


In the heat of the summer, a cold drink of water is always refreshing, but with temperatures getting hotter than Hades, those cold swigs might be few and far between.

So, my final bonus hack is to always make sure that you have access to cold and refreshing water. I recommend always keeping an insulated water bottle at your side that will make sure your water is cold!

Then, set alarms on your phone to remind you to take a drink or two every so often!

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