Why Is The Premium Lid 2.0 So Special?

We love our new Premium Lid 2.0 design and think that you will too when you read about the changes that we made! Especially since we took the feedback from our customers and designed a lid that caters to the most crucial of needs.
1. Gone are the days of the hard, plastic straw from our Standard Lid. We have upgraded to a more durable silicone straw. This allows for comfortable drinking while walking, working out, and just being on the go.
2. There is a bigger, much more accessible carrying loop that allows you to hold your bottle without straining your hand to get it around the body. This makes the bottle much more portable!
3. We reconstructed the internal straw design so that the internal straw will stay fastened to the lid. No more falling straws into your beverage.
4. The gasket that seals the lid is designed to make sure the water is locked tight within the bottle so it stays in it and not on you.
5. The durability of this lid is my favorite part. We tested many different methods: pitching it into a wall, hitting it with a bat, jumping on it, and even RUNNING OVER IT WITH A TRUCK.
Even after all of these tests, the lid didn't break and STILL WORKS!
If you have any additional questions, we would be happy to answer them. Just email your question(s) to hello@goactiveliving.com.