What is ActiveLock™ Technology

Let's be honest, ActiveLock Technology sounds cool and all, but what exactly is it, and how can it be beneficial to you when purchasing your bottle?
To put it simply, ActiveLock Technology is the GO Active trademarked approach to the insulation of your bottle. It is the double-wall vacuum insulation that allows your beverage to maintain its temperature as it waits to be consumed in your bottle.
ActiveLock Technology uses 304 Pure Stainless Steel so that it will not absorb the taste of whatever it is that you fill it with. This means, you will always get the full flavor of whatever drink is in your bottle at that time, and not that orange juice you had a few days ago!
Also, ActiveLock Technology brings a 24-hour arctice seal and 12-hour thermal seal, so your ice cubes stay frozen for a full day of activity and your hot drinks will stay piping hot for 12 hours.
Now that is what we like to call quality!