Locals Say These Are The Top 5 Scenic Views In Phoenix


Located right in the heart of the Sonoran Desert sits our home of Phoenix, Arizona. Now, this place is full of many things like golf courses, tourists and cacti. But, what the true Phoenicians will say keeps them from saying bye to the 100+ degree temperatures are the breathtaking scenic views sprawled out across the valley.

With that being said, let's dive into the list, shall we?


#5 Camelback Mountain


Sitting right in the middle of the Valley is a mountain known as Camelback. It's a tough, steep hike complete with various scrambling areas. Once you reach the top of the 2700 foot climb, you are rewarded with a 360 degree view of the city of Phoenix.

Camelback is climbed upon by roughly 300,000 visitors every year! Now, that has to mean it's worth it, right?



#4 Governor Hunt's Pyramid Tomb


I get it, this might sound strange. How can a tomb site have an amazing view? Well, this tomb isn't in a cemetery or anything of that sort. TO learn more about the history of Hunt's Tomb, click here. It's perched atop a hill in Papago Park that overlooks various fishing ponds, red rock mountains, and even.... wait for it.... THE PHOENIX ZOO!!!

This means you basically get a free ticket to see some animals! They even have some benches that overlook the zoo up there! If you love animals, then this is the view for you!




#3 Tom's Thumb Trail


Voted the #1 trail out of 64 in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Tom's Thumb is a must see view if you find yourself in Phoenix. From atop the trial, you will be treated with gorgeous views of the urban Phoenix life as well as the Southern McDowell Mountains.

Also, the rock formation actually looks like a thumb.. That's pretty cool!



#2 Wave Cave Trail


Who would have thought that you could rip some gnarly benders in the middle of the desert? Wave Cave Trail is located on the outskirts of the Phoenix metro in the Superstition Mountains. Making the trek all the way out to the trail is so incredibly worth it. 

There are numerous beautiful views but none of them top that of the view from the cave itself!



#1 Butcher Jones Trail


The top spot of the list goes to a trail that isn't even a climb! Butcher Jones Trail is a trail that follows along the rim of Saguaro Lake offering amazing views of the lake and calming archways made by trees.

What really sets these views apart is when the sun begins to go down. The colors that go along with the sunset are beautifully gleaming and shimmering off of the gentle waters of Saguaro Lake. 


These have been the top 5 scenic views as recommended by the locals of Phoenix!! Take this list and knock them out one by one but remember to bring ample amounts of water!!