8 Facts About Your Insulated Bottle That You Might Not Know

That bottle that you bought, or are thinking about buying, is actually a little more special than any other bottle. We compiled a list of 8 GO Active bottle facts below:
1. Being constructed by 18/8-304 stainless steel means that your bottle is going to last a lot longer than most other bottles! Well as long as you follow our bottle care instructions which you can find HERE.
2. There is a gasket in that Premium Lid that will prevent your bottle from leaking. So, no more dripping all over your beautiful outfit.
3. The GO Active bottles use an integrated lid loop. This makes it much easier to carry the bottle around with a single finger as opposed to straining your hand to fit it around the other thick bottles on the market.
4. Your bottle is DURABLE. So don't be afraid to get adventurous and accidentally it. We promise that it can take it! We drop ours all of the time.
5. Your bottle is designed with the ease of hydration in mind. The straw lid and internal straw design allow for easy sipping so you can drink more water and stay even more hydrated.
6. Your bottle uses our trademarked ActiveLock Technology that will keep your ice solid for 24 hours and hot drink steaming for 12.
7. The double-wall insulation that your bottle uses to keep your drinks cold or hot even keeps your bottle from sweating! So, no condensation will build up on the outside of your bottle. No more wet desks, clothes or hands! Woohoo!!
8. The padded base protects your bottle as well as the surface that you place your bottle on. No more loud CLANK sounds when your put your bottle down!!
If you have any additional questions about your bottle, feel free to email us at hello@goactiveliving.com.