These Are The 5 Reasons Science Says Water Helps You Lose Weight


As health issues related to obesity continue to rise, drinking water is a simple, effective, and low cost solution to kick starting your weight loss goals and improving your overall health.  The average daily calorie intake for Americans has gone up almost 400 calories per day since 1970.  When you add this up, it means the average American diet in 2019 is 12,000 calories more per month, and a whopping 144,000 per year, than it was just fifty years ago.  With calorie intake being the #1 cause of obesity and obesity related deaths, not to mention a multitude of emotional and psychological side-effects, doctors and mental health professionals are scrambling to better education the American population on how to reduce daily caloric intake.

Enter Water. The free, safe, and easily accessible (in N. America) solution to many of the dire issues over consumption causes.  Not only does proper hydration improve mood, brain function, and energy, but it also satiates users who are receiving hydration requests from the brain disguised as hunger signals.  To effectively reduce hunger cravings with water it is important to note that it takes approximately 30 minutes for the water you drink to recalibrate the signal of “I am Hungry!” to your brain.  Here are a couple suggestions on how to work this information into your daily routine to greatly reduce the chance of over eating.

IN THE MORNING – Drink a glass of water immediately upon rising.  The health benefits in this technique go well beyond weight management as you can read here and here , but for weight loss this technique fires up your metabolism, calms the sensation to over eat, thus ensuring that you are not ravenously pouring cereal into the popcorn bowl because you are hungry from a long sleep (guilty!). In a clinical trial carried out by the American Chemical Society, users that drank 8oz of water 30 minutes before a meal consumed 75-90 calories less per meal, that is 225-270 less calories per day assuming 3 meals!

ON YOUR HOME FROM WORK – Most Americans enjoy a meal after they finish their work for the day.  Whether you are a 9-5’er or work the graveyard shift, that post work meal is always one to look forward to, and for this reason is commonly the most fraught with over consumption.  To address this, consider keeping a water bottle with you on your commute home with the intention of finishing it during your drive. This will line up nicely with the statistics showing optimal consumption is 8-16oz and timing is ~ 30 minutes before a meal, so go ahead and give your commute a healthy boost!



What do Warren Buffett, Albert Einstein, and drinking cold water have in common… stay with us here … they all recognize the power of leveraging compounding! In Einstein and Buffett’s case, they speak of it in almost mythical terms, with Einstein calling it the “8th wonder of the world.”  The idea is the same with keeping your water icy cold and leveraging the power of small incremental increases over a long period of time.

On average, consuming 1 cup (8oz / 30ml) of icy cold water requires your body to burn 8 extra calories as it works to maintain a steady core temperature of 98.6 degrees. If you’re thinking, “That isn’t a lot of calories” then you would be correct. However, remember what our friends Warren and Albert said? If you compound this over the recommended cups per day (16 for men, 12 for women), then multiply that by 7, then multiply that by 52… (8x12x7x52 / 8x16x7x52) you get a whopping 100 / 700 / 35,000 extra calories burned per day/ week / year for women! (128/900/46,600 for men).

Hang onto your high hats though, because here is where the arithmetic magic really happens.  86% of the GO Active Living customers who responded to a recent poll said they could “very easily” add one extra cup of water a day to their routine! How many extra calories would just one extra cup of ice water burn over the course of a year? Almost 3,000!!! That is and incredible increase for only a very small uptick in daily consumption.


  1.       Drinking Water Increases the Rate That Your Body Burns Calories (aka Your Metabolism)

Metabolism has almost become a mythical process in our day and age, plagues by pseudo-science, bro-science, misrepresentation by the supplement industry, and in part by honest evolutions in scientific methods that reveal what drives our naturally occurring calories burning furnace.  While there is still a lot that we do not understand about our metabolisms, here is what we DO understand about water’s effect on metabolism as of 2019, so if you are reading this from your flying car in 2027, judge us accordingly.

Water consumption and the resulting effects on metabolism were studied effectively in this 2003 study and published in 2004.  It found that drinking 500ml (approx. 18oz) of water increased metabolic rate by 30%!   Additionally, it found that the fuel source the body used as it needed to increase production by 30% was lipids (aka fat!).  In other words, drinking water (preferably ice cold) revs up your bodies engine in order to warm and then distribute this water throughout the body, and it prefers using fat as the fuel source to power this increase in metabolic output.

Picture your body firing up like the engine in your car when you put the pedal to the floor every time you take a sip of ice cold water (preferably from your insulated, reusable GO Active bottle 😊)


  1.       Drinking Water Eliminates Waste that Slows and Clogs Your Vital Functions

Another hype warning here as we dispute claims of many “cleanses”, and toxin eliminating (read: starvation) diets that have confused and mislead consumers for years.  We will do our best to stick to modern, scientific-backed studies.

We will use another engine analogy here, and in this analogy water is the oil that keeps your engine running smoothly.  Without oil, you have metal on metal; grinding, struggling, cracking, chipping and eventually causing catastrophic failure of the engine.

Water lubricates millions of moving processes in your body everything from major organs (heart, kidneys, liver, skin, intestines) all the way down to the cellular level as it shuttles nutrients efficiently where they are needed.

In regards to weight loss, the system most affected by dehydration is the intestinal tract which can become clogged, stuck, and lead to swelling and bloating.  Additionally, backups in this vital waste-elimination system can leave you feeling sluggish, thus taking the pep out of your step and reducing your willingness to exercise, a crucial component to losing weight.

Water keeps your engine running smoothly, burning calories efficiently, and eliminating waste cleanly and quickly.  In an effort to get through this article without the mention of excrement, here is a good guide for how to read the outflow of fluid … oh forget it, here is a good guide to assessing what your pee tells you about your hydration.

  1.       When You are Drinking Water, You aren’t drinking Non-Water

Any mathematical/scientific clout we have earned up to this point was obliterated with that terrible sentence but this common-sense idea is often over looked.  Fact: You can only do one thing at a time (sorry “I’m a great multi-tasker” crowd) and in this case, when you are drinking water, you are not drinking beer, wine, soda, diet soda, coffee, fruit smoothies, or sports drinks.  All of which usually come loaded with sugar, calories, or other calorie heavy ingredients that will wreck your weight loss and throw your nutritional goals way out of whack.

Liquid calories are the most likely to go unnoticed and unaccounted for and are the #1 cause behind unintended weight gain.  The reason for this is simple; liquid calories go down easy, often will not fill you up, and may even make you more hungry! (we are talking to you diet soda)

If you can replace just two of your non-water drinks a day with water you will make remarkable strides in your weight loss goals and overall health as this 2012 study confirms, or this 2015 study, or this even larger study from 2013.

But what about beer? While our friends in Briton will continue to debate if you can survive on beer only or just on food and beer (NO and NO), we recommend that, if you must imbibe, you volley each drink with a round of H2O for the lads between pints to help keep your body functioning, your vision right, and make sure you make it to work the next day.

Overall the swap from non-water beverages to a nice cold swig of water will be the single best, easiest, least expensive, and impactful change to your routine that anyone, anywhere, and at anytime can make to help them live a fuller, healthier, and richer life.

Stay Hydrated My Friends