What Is The 52 Adventure Crew?

In 2018 we shared photos sent to us from the GO Active community from a dizzying array of locations.

The GO Active community sent photos from 5 continents, a mountain summit at over 10,000 feet, lounging on a beach in New Zealand, the financial district in Shanghai, Coachella, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, white sandy beaches in Hawaii, someone even sent us a photo of a bottle used to smuggle adult beverages into a Seattle Seahawks game!

We were blown away, inspired, and to be honest, a little envious of all the destinations our customers visited throughout the year.  

So as we sat down as a company and penned the GO Active "workplace environment goals for 2019" a common theme began to emerge: We needed to get out of the office more!

As we grew rapidly the past year, working hard to secure distribution partners in Europe, Canada, and Australia, we unintentionally became chained to our desks.  While we enjoyed bringing GO Active to adventurers in new markets, we ignored the affinity for adventure that founded the company.  As we discussed how to remedy this, we began listing all the areas around our office that we wanted to visit.

Viola, the 52 Adventure Crew was born

What is 52 adventure crew? It is our commitment to our roots, the spirit of adventure that our company started with, the embrace of the serene, and an opportunity to walk in the shoes of our adventuring GO Active community. You can follow our various journeys at 52AdventureCrew

Once a week we shut down all computers, leave our cell phones on 'Do Not Disturb' mode, shut off the lights and get out and enjoy all the amazing adventures Arizona, the Southwest, and if we are traveling then the country at large, has to offer.  

If you would like to join us on an adventure or read our recap of experience follow our blog at 52AdventureCrew or keep up with us on Instagram or Facebook.

Now grab your bottle, your favorite human or puppy and go take a bite out of your own adventure